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The ZW3D CAD solution advances the capabilities of product design with powerful data exchange, unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, multi-object file management,  and reliable product verification tools...

Benefiting from the shortened learning curve & the flexibility of design module of ZW3D, you can speed up the product design process and boost design productivity.

Excellent Multi-CAD Data Translator

Directly read & edit mainstream CAD file formats, like Catia V6R2017, NX11, Creo4.0, Solidworks 2017, SolidEdge ST9, Inventor 2017, ACIS 2018.1.0 and JT 10. 

No need to worry about CAD data exchange with your suppliers.

Excellent Multi-CAD Data Translator

Flexible & Humanized Modeling Tool

Thanks to the unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, ZW3D can help to speed up modeling process and increase design flexibility with creative and personalized product designs delivered.

Versatile 3D CAD Platform

Versatile 3D CAD Platform

Various CAD functions, like 3D modeling, assembly, 2D drawing, 3D annotations, sheet metal, advanced FTI, reverse engineering and more, are provided in ZW3D, making it possible to meet the needs of different departments in your company.

Cost-effective 3D CAD Software

Cost-effective 3D CAD Software

Empowered by a powerful and embedded file translator to reduce communication costs, and an easy-to-learn UI to minimize re-learning costs, ZW3D delivers an effective CAD/CAM solution with low, long-term replacement costs.

You can get a permanent license starts from $1500.

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"ZW3D has a very clear workflow. It’s easy to learn and even beginners can get started quickly without training."

"ZW3D makes your imagination touchable, merges your ideas with hybrid technology and exposes the forms you want to create."

Mr. He, 2D designer of Engineering Department in Leonis

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